Sending Sympathy Flowers - Where to Send Them

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Should I send sympathy flowers to the home of the family of the bereaved or to the church or funeral home where the service/memorial will be held? 

The simple answer is all options are perfectly acceptable. We will deliver anywhere you need us to but there are a few things to bear in mind.

When you have flowers delivered to the home of the family of the deceased then the flowers are intended for them to display in the home as a symbol of your care for them. They can be delivered whenever you need them to be, and can often arrive at just the right time when the bereaved feels at their lowest. Sometimes you might think they will already be inundated with flowers but that is not always the case. We often deliver to a recipient who gets teary when they read the card message, and sometimes it is the only flowers they have received. They are always grateful, and touched by the flowers and the card message. It is appropriate to send a bouquet, an arrangement, or a vase of flowers to the home.

When you have sympathy flowers delivered to the funeral home, church or memorial service then they are intended to stay there - to adorn the grave site, or to be displayed during the service. These have to be delivered at a specific time so when you order be sure to tell our staff the day and time of the funeral or service and if you order online, be sure to write it on the online delivery instructions section. It is appropriate to send a sympathy wreath or a sympathy sheaf to the funeral home, church or memorial service. These are not usually taken home with the family, but the family will often have the card messages detached from the floral tributes and take these home as a reminder. Whether at home, church or graveside flowers speak a silent eulogy, and convey a living, beautiful testimony of the sender's respect and concern for those left to grieve.

Sympathy Wreath

We can make a Sympathy Wreath or a Sympathy Sheaf to your requirements in regards to size, colour and flower choice. Sympathy Wreaths honour an ancient tradition with the wreath representing the circle of eternal life. The Sympathy Sheaf is an informal tribute which is made to look as natural as possible exposing the stems below the ribbon.

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