A Birthday Present for Urban Flower, Concord

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Last year when Urban Flower turned forty we painted it black, changed our logo and put up some new signs. We hardly ever take the time to cross the road and have a look at the shop from that side because we are always inside it! But Winston took a few photos just before Valentine's Day to show the difference between then and now - from teenage pink to looking sharp in black at forty. Every now and then I drive past the shop heading west on Parramatta Road at Concord and I realise what a big building it is. I hope thousands of people sitting in peak hour traffic read all the signs and think of us when they need a florist! 

The area where the shop is located in Concord is currently undergoing massive redevelopment. So many old buildings like ours are being torn down to build high rises. I wonder about the long-term future of the building and whether it will still be here to celebrate its fiftieth birthday.

But for now, I'm happy that the new signage turned out the way Winston had pictured it in his head with the gradient flower sign. The new font he used on the sign is bold and stands out better too. 

To make that gradient sign was a painstaking process! Win had to source all the colours at the markets then Jules arranged them in a very long line. He took high resolution shots, about eight of them, of the various sections and then had to stitch them all together on Photoshop. Even after it was put up we weren't happy because it looked grainy so we asked the sign maker to do it again. He loved us! We used the variant images to wrap around the edge of the awning too.

I like the tram roll suburb sign, hopefully it gets the message across that we deliver all over Sydney.

This is the view heading into the city. This is the corner that has been smashed into a few times, by heavy-laden trucks bearing down the hill. 

Sydney is relentless about change lately, about knocking down and recreating. Even though we've turned up the sophistication dial and turned down the eighties lycra colour wheel, the bones haven't changed. Still the Concord florist on the corner with the big teddy bears. Still Jeffrey owned. The sun still shines through the front window in the late afternoon, still a thousand memories tucked into every corner.