Daily Inspiration - Celebration Flowers, Concord

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Beautiful celebration flowers! 
No matter what you're celebrating we can design celebration flowers to suit your special occasion. Like these lovely Spring Garden trough arrangements Jules made. They feature a touch of pink with light roses, cymbidium orchids, geraldton wax, and a splay of fern for greenery. White and lilac stock frames the back of the vase with a pretty feathery effect. Last year our Concord store celebrated 40 years! We immortalised that by painting it on the walls (probably will stay there for another 10 before we get around to changing it!).

Grouping flowers together is an easy way to create a focal point for a special event.
Call us anytime between 7am and 11pm so we can help you with celebration flowers. For ideas, we suggest you peruse our blog or Pinterest and save images you really like. That gives us a good idea of styles and flower colour combinations you like. You can either come into our Concord florist anytime to chat about the flowers you want to order, or if it's more convenient we can arrange it by phone or email too.