Our Flowers in Rouse Hill Regional Park

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For so long, we've been wanting to take some more lifestyle type photos with flowers to use on our Urban Flower website and email marketing. So, we asked Sally from 10 Fold Road if she would like to help. One Monday morning we filled her dining table with flowers, and, armed with her camera and her gorgeous friend Julie, they set off for Rouse Hill Regional Park.
The park is really rural with lots of country roads and biking tracks, wide open paddocks which once all belonged to Rouse Hill House, but now belong to all of us. There are eucalypts scattered through the park, and broad leaved apple trees too. It's a haven for families wanting to gather. Anyway, back to the flowers!
So for these beautiful little concoctions, we hand-gathered pink parrot tulips (don't you love the fluttery edges), vanda orchids, carnations and sweet pea. And the fluffy feathery light pink flower is astilbe (it's more common name is Fluffy Goat's Beard!) 


Again here, we have helebore, sweet pea and the star of the posie, the ranunculus. 

We are so happy with how the photos turned out! All pics taken by Sally in Rouse Hill Regional Park for Urban Flower. Thank you to Julie for being such a fun model too!