Australian florists – why don’t we celebrate Australian flowers?

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It's time we started celebrating Native Flowers

Australia has arguably the world’s most unique and diverse wildflowers. Native flowers are a dream for floristry – they just last forever and hold their shape incredible well. They are excellent for interior design – just a bud or two in a minimalistic vase and your whole room is transformed. As Lauren Vardy from explains, "The ability to include portable plant and flower elements in open glass bowls or terrariums is a must, particularly for renters in Australia, who often face restrictions stopping them from hanging pieces from walls. Having plants on pedestals in unused corners, windows or a blank wall with bright flowers is just another way to maximise space."

The benefits of having beautiful flowers around the house aren't just cosmetic. Fiona Tuck, Sydney Nutritionist elaborates: "We all know it's healthy eating a diet high in plants, but plants and flowers also provide health benefits such as helping to purify the air that we breathe (...) plants help clean the air at home of household gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide."

A vast range of native flowers are hypo-allergenic, they don’t have the heavy fragrances or sneezy pollens like more traditional flowers.

For stunning floristry designs these are our go-to top five:

     King Protea

King Proteas are easily recognisable for their huge regal heads atop thick stems. They come in a range of varieties – like the King Pink protea with blush pink tones. The King White Protea is a dream flower for florists and have made a huge comeback in bridal bouquets. They last and last, and always keep their shape which is a great relief for a blushing bride on a hot summer wedding day! (We do claim this as our own but they did originate in South Africa, but grow so well in our dry climate)


The gnarly old Banksia tree provides us with a great flower – all bristly, some say like a toilet brush!  Our favourite is the Banksia Coccinea, bright red bristles which are excellent as a design feature in a single vase or with some small weathered branches. They come in red, yellow, orange and green tones so it’s easy to find a variety to suit your nest floral design project.


Where would we be without Leucs? They’re a great filler flower but more than that, they come in great tones and give lift and texture to arrangements. Safari Sunset is by far our most popular leucadendron – multi-stemmed, long lasting and deep burgundy just as the name suggests.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Yes, yes I know it’s not a flower, but its popularity has sky-rocketed recently and Silver Dollar is just so versatile. You can even pop some in a grey ceramic vase and on its own it looks incredible. We love it for it’s bluey grey colour, there’s no other foliage like it. It’s always on the top of our list for bridal bouquets.


Waratah flowers are the native flower equivalent to peonies – very seasonal so all the more prized when they’re available. They flower full and red in Spring filled with incredibly delicate red detail set off by dark zig-zag-like leaves. Just writing about them makes me itch for them again, they are eye-catching in floral bouquets and a prized feature flower in larger arrangements.

Australian wildflowers are well-known the world over for their longevity, their unique textures and stunning colour schemes. We need to embrace and embrace and celebrate them! Do you have a personal favourite?

You'll find any of these Australian native flowers in your local Sydney florist, or just drop in and see what other Australian and Sydney flowers they have in store for you this time of year.