Luxury Gift Boxes for Mother's Day

Beautiful arrangements for Mother's Day
Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you would like to surprise your Mum, Aunt or Grandmother with something truly divine, check out these beautiful floral gift hampers by Urban Flower
Choose from the following hampers:
Blush: A dreamy offering of pastel blooms and Urban Flower's favourite swoon-worthy gift pieces.

  • Soft pink florals delicately arranged into a glass vase
  • a Champagne and Strawberries Hutwoods Candle (250g)
  • Bramble and Hedge Nougat
  • The Husk Mill Cacao Rose tea Blend (50g)
  • The Husk Mill Australian Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Cleanse by Hepzabeth Peony Leaf Soap
  • Every product in Blush supports local small businesses in Sydney and the nougat is made in Melbourne.Nourish: a special gift box filled with delightful gems packed into one elegant keepsake box.
  • Featuring:
  • Stylish white florals delicately arranged into a glass vase
  • Salt and Glow Aromatic Bath Teabag
  • Bramble and Hedge Nougat
  • Life of Cha Zzz Organic Sleepy Tea
  • The Husk Mill Australian Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Cleanse by Hepzabeth Peppermint Charcoal Soap
  • Every product in Nourish supports local small businesses in Sydney and the nougat is made in Melbourne.

    Sweet Lilac: A mix of charming florals, artisanal treats and more. Being thoughtful has never been more beautiful!
  • a Lilac-hued bouquet carefully designed into a glass vase
  • a Wild Jasmine and Sandalwood Hutwoods Candle (250g)
  • Bramble and Hedge nougat
  • a Cleanse by Hepzabeth Soap Collection (9 pack)
  • Chocolatier Indulgence Assorted Chocolates (175g)

    Urban Flower is offering Sydney-wide delivery for $9.95 over the Mother's Day weekend and in addition to the three hampers, there are lots of other amazing flowers and pamper gifts - check out the full range here.
    All hampers are presented in a Scandi style timber gift box topped with fresh flowers which come in a vase and a pretty ribbon - leaving an impression no gift card can match!
    The presentation also echoes the quality of the produce inside each box - all stunning products made here in Sydney.
    There no better gift this Mother's Day - treat your mum to a thoughtful, luxury giving, custom-made gift box of artisan finds by Urban Flower. Order by 1pm for Same Day Delivery to all Sydney suburbs generally bounded by Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs, including Penrith, Richmond and Windsor.
  • Five Favourite Indoor Plants For Your Office

    Embrace the work-plant ethos for a healthier, happier workplace! Indoor plants are here to stay, there’s no doubt about that. They bring life and green inside, give a vibrant energetic feel to a previously sterile, boring environment, and even have health benefits. In office spaces we’re often disconnected from fresh air, sun and open green areas. Studies show that you can experience the calming effects of being outside in nature just by bringing something living and green inside to look at. It doesn’t have to be a whole vertical wall of living plants either, even a small potted plant on your desk can have positive benefits. 

    Rajiv Agarwal, Chief Editor for leading Australian design blog Wall Art Prints attributes better work performance to having some foliage in the workplace: "There are a wide range of advantages to having plants in the office or workplace. Not only do they help purify the air by reducing carbon dioxide and transmuting it into oxygen but they are incredibly effective at reducing airborne dust levels and pollutants in the air. All these significant aspects of the humble plant leads towards better wellbeing of employees and therefore much higher productivity."

    Aodham MacCathmhaoil from Waster can't get enough of them in his office: "We have lots of plants in our office as we believe it just makes people happier and creates a better work atmosphere." 

    Director of Tonic Design Matt Riley concurs; "Researchers have also found that people in spaces with living vegetation are more likely to experience stress reduction, increased ability to re-focus attention, experience a reduction in sickness and absence rates, assist improved performance on cognitive tasks and productivity, and may help to increase creativity."

    Nicola Croughan, Stylist at Blinds Direct writes: "One of the best ways to make your office more eco-friendly is to use plants as decoration. Plants will filter the air, vastly improving the quality and reaping plenty of health benefits. Bringing in greenery will also make your workspace feel lighter, brighter and more welcoming. This in turn will boost creativity and productivity!" 

    Environmental expert and owner of Econscious Living Una Phelan explains the science behind it all: "Plants are highly beneficial in a workplace. Not just for the psychological benefits of having something green to gaze on (even green paintings and photos have been shown to have a positive psychological benefit in the absence of a view) but to improve air quality. The indoor air environment can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.

    Offices are generally a concentrated source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) due to the materials and chemicals that office furniture, upholstery, particle board, carpets and paints are made from. They off-gas for many years after installation and especially in the initial few years. These VOCs can include highly toxic flame-retardants, benzene and formaldehyde a known carcinogen. The compounds can cause respiratory illnesses and irritations, headaches, dizziness and those who suffer from chemicals sensitivities can be particularly affected.

    However, studies have shown that plants can play a role in improving the air quality by filtering these compounds. A comprehensive study by NASA known as the NASA Clean Air Study examined which plants were effective at removing benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and ammonia from the air - common office pollutants. NASA recommended 18 different plants and at least one plant per 10 square metre."

    These are my five favourite indoor plants for corporate spaces. Some need a little more care and attention than others so take that into consideration. These plants are readily available in Sydney florists or your local plant nursery.

    1)      Indian Rubber Trees look fantastic in a corporate reception area. They have deep glossy leaves and great shape. Go for the ‘Bergundy’ variety for a dramatic look. They are forgiving if you forget to water them too. Just give the foliage a wipe with a damp cloth from time to time to keep the shine on the leaves.

    2)      Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) has made a stellar comeback. Devil’s Ivy needs space to hang down and grow as a vine, so a shelf or bookcase in an office is a perfect position. They’re tolerant of low-light so you can even put one in a darker corner. I’m a big fan of the ‘Marble Queen’ Pothos, variegated light green and white patterns cover the leaves as they grow and grow. In no time at all you’ll have beautiful green jungle-like vines hanging all through your office.

    3)      Fiddle Leaf Figs have become the star of glossy home and architecture magazines for good reason, but tend to be a little needy when it comes to plant-care. They have huge leaves which fan out and come in a variety of shapes. If well cared for you could practically end up with a Fiddle Leaf tree spawing all over your office! Now you can even purchase ‘Baby Fiddle Leaf figs’ too from any good supplier of plants of flowers online, perfect as a gift for a friend’s desk.

    4)      Zanzibars are a must to spruce up a boring office area! They have glossy green leaves that shoot up from a clump-like bulb at the base of the stem. You could completely forget about your Zanzibar plant whie you holiday in Fiji for two months then return and it will still be perky and happy! Why? They store water in their base ready for long periods of drought. Perfect for you if you’ve labeled yourself a plant murderer before – now is the time to redeem yourself.

    5)      Cactus varieties are often overlooked when it comes to adding some plants to the workplace. But no other plant beats them for interesting textures and funky sculptural shapes. Better still, water them once every month (or even less is okay if the aircon isn’t too extreme in your office). They are a more expensive purchase because they take eons to grow into a decent height, so invest in one you really like, pick a cool pot or black basket, and you won’t have any regrets. You might even find yourself collecting more cacti along the way for your office collection!

    When it comes to plants in the office, even a few grouped together can change the whole look and feel to a nurturing, nourishing environment. If you have to spend hours and hours at work indoors, then why not invite some living plant friends to share your space with you?

    The perfect way to say Thank You

    You know how sometimes you just have a really full heart? Overwhelmed with love and gratitude. That's how I felt a few months ago when a half of a tree fell on my car during a big storm - my kids were even trapped inside! Luckily they were safe, but we were quite stuck during a big storm. The family who came to our aid had just had a death in their family, but they took the kids to swim in their pool, they gave me a cup of hot tea and they delivered the flowers in the car that were supposed to be taken to a house down the street. After the whole ordeal I just wanted to thank them for all the kindness they showed us during a stressful time in their lives (and a little stress in ours).

    That's what the Luxe Gift Hamper is all about -  a basket of really soft beautiful flowers, and other lovely treats from local handyladies - Cleanse by Hepzabeth Soap Makers, Hutwoods Candles, and Salt and Glow body products. You have the option of choosing from three sizes too, big, bigger or very very big. It's a really special way to say thank you, a thoughtful gift, a basket of love.

    Australian florists – why don’t we celebrate Australian flowers?

    It's time we started celebrating Native Flowers

    Australia has arguably the world’s most unique and diverse wildflowers. Native flowers are a dream for floristry – they just last forever and hold their shape incredible well. They are excellent for interior design – just a bud or two in a minimalistic vase and your whole room is transformed. As Lauren Vardy from explains, "The ability to include portable plant and flower elements in open glass bowls or terrariums is a must, particularly for renters in Australia, who often face restrictions stopping them from hanging pieces from walls. Having plants on pedestals in unused corners, windows or a blank wall with bright flowers is just another way to maximise space."

    The benefits of having beautiful flowers around the house aren't just cosmetic. Fiona Tuck, Sydney Nutritionist elaborates: "We all know it's healthy eating a diet high in plants, but plants and flowers also provide health benefits such as helping to purify the air that we breathe (...) plants help clean the air at home of household gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide."

    A vast range of native flowers are hypo-allergenic, they don’t have the heavy fragrances or sneezy pollens like more traditional flowers.

    For stunning floristry designs these are our go-to top five:

         King Protea

    King Proteas are easily recognisable for their huge regal heads atop thick stems. They come in a range of varieties – like the King Pink protea with blush pink tones. The King White Protea is a dream flower for florists and have made a huge comeback in bridal bouquets. They last and last, and always keep their shape which is a great relief for a blushing bride on a hot summer wedding day! (We do claim this as our own but they did originate in South Africa, but grow so well in our dry climate)


    The gnarly old Banksia tree provides us with a great flower – all bristly, some say like a toilet brush!  Our favourite is the Banksia Coccinea, bright red bristles which are excellent as a design feature in a single vase or with some small weathered branches. They come in red, yellow, orange and green tones so it’s easy to find a variety to suit your nest floral design project.


    Where would we be without Leucs? They’re a great filler flower but more than that, they come in great tones and give lift and texture to arrangements. Safari Sunset is by far our most popular leucadendron – multi-stemmed, long lasting and deep burgundy just as the name suggests.

    Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

    Yes, yes I know it’s not a flower, but its popularity has sky-rocketed recently and Silver Dollar is just so versatile. You can even pop some in a grey ceramic vase and on its own it looks incredible. We love it for it’s bluey grey colour, there’s no other foliage like it. It’s always on the top of our list for bridal bouquets.


    Waratah flowers are the native flower equivalent to peonies – very seasonal so all the more prized when they’re available. They flower full and red in Spring filled with incredibly delicate red detail set off by dark zig-zag-like leaves. Just writing about them makes me itch for them again, they are eye-catching in floral bouquets and a prized feature flower in larger arrangements.

    Australian wildflowers are well-known the world over for their longevity, their unique textures and stunning colour schemes. We need to embrace and embrace and celebrate them! Do you have a personal favourite?

    You'll find any of these Australian native flowers in your local Sydney florist, or just drop in and see what other Australian and Sydney flowers they have in store for you this time of year. 

    Glitz and Glam Oriental Wedding Bouquets

    Finally sharing some more recent bridal flowers, like these chic bouquets we made for a wedding at Tetsuyas. This bride sent us a photo of an elegant, deep maroon bouquet with a really feminine feel and we used it as inspiration for her wedding flowers. 

    We knew that each table at the wedding reception would feature a single red vanda orchid in a small vase so decided to make vanda orchids a part of the bouquets too. For some lightness we mixed in the cymbidium orchids, and just a few cream hypericum berries. Siam tulips, carnations and alstromeria form the body of the bouquet, each with their own textures and glamour. I love how the deep red and black satin ribbon adds drama and elegance.

    We're always happy to take Wedding flower bookings, and happy to chat if you're just starting to gather ideas for your own wedding, or definitely know what you want. Just give us a call on (02) 9745 1668 anytime or send a quick email and we will be in touch.

    Late Spring Floral Designs at Urban Flower

    We've been leaning into really romantic tones and bouquets this month. Frilly roses, divine smelling David Austins, and popcorn hydrangea have made their debut again too.
    We bought armfuls of Phalaenopsis stems for race day fascinators and to add a little luxe to our bouquets. Everyone has been asking for corsages (like every second phone call!) and we're going a little corsage crazy!

    We're about to launch a new hamper range so we're gathering pretty pieces to fill them. Like Bramble and Hedge nougat which we have become very enamored with. I hope to show off the new hamper range very soon.

    Carli x 

    Five Favourite Ways to Give Roses on Valentine's Day

    What is it about red roses? 
    Celebrate love with a fifty-stemmed bouquet... 

    A delicate glass bowl of curated red blooms...

    Showcase each premium bloom with a spectacular rose pot...

    A simple gesture of love with a bouquet

    Or a front-facing vase for that dynamic first impression...

    For red roses, shop our romance range or talk to one of our friendly florists today, call us on (02) 9745 1668.

    Today's Perfect Posies

    Thirty-five perfect white posies.
    For Portobello PR in Paddington, something petite and pretty to accompany press-kits for Sebamed Australia

    Three Beautiful Funeral Wreaths

    Funeral wreaths (also called Sympathy Wreaths) are floral tributes most often sent to the funeral service to express sorrow, sentiment and love. Symbolically, funeral wreaths have been made as a remembrance of the enduring, circular nature of life. Aesthetically they are a beautiful reminder of life and it's beauty, and also can be a quite personal link the the loved one who has passed away. We make a range of sizes, colours and styles of funeral wreaths at Urban Flower. I've chosen these three to show the variation, from vibrant reds to elegant, delicate floral whites. 

    To find out more about the range of Sympathy and Funeral Flowers we offer, you can find other blog posts here and our view our range in our online store here.

    Cranberry and Dusty Pink Wedding Flowers

    Today I wanted to share these gorgeous wedding flowers Jules conjured up some time ago now. There's no shying away from the pink wedding trend here. I just adore these colour combinations so much - bespoke greens and blush pink, deep maroon, hints of white and woodland elements too. 

    It takes a courageous bride to play with deeper colours like cranberry, but when they come together this well, the result is simply stunning - a rich warmth, sensual tones and dramatic hues add real beauty to the day. 

    Here are a few bridal party photos from Marlene and Travis' special day (loving that whole tribe of bridesmaids!) taken in Lisgar Gardens, Hornsby.