Australian Native Flower Arrangements For Church Event in Baulkham Hills

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Exotic, unique and long-lasting, we chose seasonal Australian and native wildflowers to create these stunning arrangements for a special church function held last weekend at Baulkham Hills. Native flowers work so well for formal and structured pieces as they hold their stems with strength. Anchoring the five arrangements we chose darker greens and burgundy shades but then added the dusty miller and pink ice proteas to soften them a touch.

When deciding on flowers for a special event with overseas guests visiting, it is often the perfect occasion to really highlight Australian flora and native flowers. Because there is such a range of native flowers available (depending on the season of course), there is also a limitless amount of possibilities in terms of style, colour and texture that can be created with unique Australian wildflowers. They are long-lasting which is ideal if you need flowers for a venue which is going to be used for presentations and events over a period of days or even a week. You need not worry about limp or wilting floral displays as native flowers are so durable and hardy even on very hot days or in humid temperatures.

For this specific event, we arranged the following ingredient:
Tetra Nuts
Baxteri Banksia
Menzisii Banksia
Green Nutty Leaucadendron
Red Leaucadendron
After Dark Foliage
Dusty Miller
Wax Flower

We source the majority of our native flowers from our long-term suppliers, East Coast Wildflowers, who grow locally on the outskirts of Sydney

For more wildflower beauty we've created a series of native flower arrangements and named them after the unique regions of Australia:

Finally, native flowers also make beautiful lectern displays. They don't detract from the speaker but give deep strength and beauty to formal occasions. For a conservative church function such as the one held at Baulkham Hills, they are an excellent choice.

Photo Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Carlingford 
Church event held at Watkins Road, Baulkham Hills, NSW.

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