Lime and White Flowers for Church Event in Baulkham Hills

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As a colour scheme for a formal event clean green tones always look splendid. Natural greens with a splash of white in the form of elegant November lilies and anthuriums balance the theme for these structured church flowers. We designed four flatback arrangements for the front of the church at Baulkham Hills (two large and two extra large statement pieces in ceramic vessels) which radiate crisp lime

You need to imagine the lilies are open! We made these with very fresh lilies so they would be beautiful for the days to come as they opened. The trouble with delivering opened lilies to clients in Baulkham Hills means that open petals bruise easily in transit and set-up. And the recipients don't get to enjoy the full life of the lilies if they are already open.

For this specific event, we sourced the following ingredients:

November Lilies
Molucca Balm
White Anthuriums
Tetra Nuts
Cymbidium Orchids
White Repen Proteas
Monstera Leaves
Dusty Miller

Jules also made a beautiful lectern arrangement.

Because this particular event ran over a four day period we chose longer lasting flowers and in-bud lilies so they would gradually open up over the course of the event. All that was required was a gentle watering into the oasis floral foam each evening. 

This church event held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Watkins Road, Baulkham Hills.

We've also created other flowers for this venue, such as these beautiful long-lasting native flower arrangements.

You can find the full list of ingredients we used and other helpful information about Australian wildflowers in this post: