Roses for Rosie at Greenwich Chapel

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Our fun-loving Aunty Rosie passed away recently. Although tender, the service at her Greenwich chapel was lovely and indeed a celebration of her happy ways. After Dad (David Jeffrey) lost his mother when he was only a child, Aunty Rosie offered a mother's love and warmth to him and to us, his children. 

Of course we wanted roses for Rosie, a gathering of pastel roses to honour her. Aunty Pat created a beautiful garden of a casket cover, purple and pink hues with orchids too. It was  a very hot Spring day and I was so relieved Aunty Pat had chosen roses for the casket cover - imagine what would have happened to lilies in this heat! They would have blown and wilted in seconds. In contrast, roses are so hardy in the Australian sun. We were all looking for any shade we could find at the Macquarie Park Cemetery!

For the Catholic Church at Greenwich, we adorned the room with two large rose arrangements in ceramic vessels. 
Like all of our family, Aunty Rosie was a florist too, it was so fitting to send her on her way with the roses she shared with others through her years. After the Greenwich service, the roses were left to beautify Mary Help of Christians Chapel for the Sabbath Day services. Pink Lady Funerals ensured sure the whole day went seamlessly.

For many years, Aunty Rosie would open Urban Flower (but back then it was called All Nite Florist) on Sundays while the rest of the family went to church at Concord. In our old ledger books from the early 1980s, Aunty Rosie would write each and every 'posie bowl' and carnation she would sell. We're glad we've held onto these, they're the memories of our everydays.

We loved her so.

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