Brittany and Matthew's Wedding Flowers at Homebush Bay

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If you happen to adore peonies and want them to feature in your wedding bouquet best you get married at the dawn of Summer, mid-November to early December (in Australia). Then you can have a fluttery, flowery, flirtatious bouquet just like bride Brittany here, who married Matthew at Homebush Bay just before Christmas. Peonies come laden with the promises of romance and happy marriage, and what more, they have generous, round petals - perfect for Summer weddings.
(Of course, there are imported peonies which can be sourced at other times of the year but the locally grown ones are darling. Our peony farmer, Christine, grows hers on her property near Taree and the season is short and sweet, pretty as a picture. She rushes them to us with love and care. We delight in the dreamy three week long season.)

Brittany's bridal bouquet is a simple clutch of blush pink hydrangea, cream hydrangea, light pink peonies, light pink dahlias, washed pink spray roses and white sweet peas, which we wrapped in ivory ribbon with the stems showing. 

I'm really loving the bridemaids' flowers too, creamy with a hint of Summer lime - delightful bespoke bouquets where we gathered white hydrangea, ivory roses, nutty lukes and leucadendron for texture and tone. (Here I must stress that hydrangeas are just beautiful for a hand-held bouquet, but they LOVE water, they need water so much that on a hot day out of water you will see them wilt before your very eyes. Keep them in water until photo time then put them back in again as soon as you can to keep freshening them up through the day. They even love a good spray of water and it will help them perk up so keep a spray water bottle handy too.)

For the reception venue, blush pink in fishbowl vases. Jules set them up at Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay.

Here are both the bridal and one of the bridesmaid's bouquets so you can see the different flowers included - and in a different light setting than the wedding photos which were taken in bright sunlight. These are more true to colour.

(Brittany and Matthew were married at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Carlingford. Their reception: Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay. Their photographer: Hello Sweetheart.)